Construction Is Mostly Continuing Nationwide

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Construction Is Mostly Continuing Nationwide, But Firms Need To Beware Of Hidden Liabilities

The U.S. construction industry remains largely open, with many reports coming in of work sites operating as other businesses close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

General contractors and construction trade associations around the U.S. have stressed the economic importance of continuing development. They also argue some projects should be considered essential, and have stressed construction sites are generally safe since operators work outdoors and workers often wear face masks and gloves. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have provided guidance for construction workers and their managers on staying open amid the virus’s spread. 

In many cases, keeping job sites humming can be the best approach to balance health and economic output.

But, construction attorneys and experts say, a monolithic approach to the virus could result in construction-related businesses taking on hidden liabilities.

Their takeaway is that though contractors may be allowed to proceed, they should do so with extreme caution and pay attention to their contracts and insurance coverages. 

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